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The Leonard Law Firm is a civil litigation and transactional firm in Chicago, Illinois. The principal areas of service include real estate, contract and tort litigation. Business law services are also provided for small and middle-market US and foreign companies. We offer a no charge initial consultation to determine if we are able to assist in your matter. Our fees are reasonable and we will work with you to develop a billing arrangement that meets your needs.

Real Estate:

Residential and Commercial closings
Real estate litigation and residential foreclosures
Transactional matters for commercial and residential properties
Commercial and Residential lease agreements
City Ordinance and building violations

International and Domestic Business Contracts:

Distribution Agreements, Sales Terms and Conditions
Non-Compete/Disclosure/Circumvention Agreements
Warranties and Purchase Agreements
Export/Import documentation
Commercial Leases Export/Import documentation

Civil and Commercial Litigation:
Partner/shareholder disputes
Business Litigation

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M. Scott Leonard  Attorney at Law

M. Scott Leonard
Attorney at Law

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